We are pleased to welcome the following brands to the RJM family. 

The Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish has been a favorite of children, parents and care-givers since 19912  With over 30,000,000 books sold across the globe, its simple message of sharing and friendship continues to resonate.  With its ground-breaking use of holographic foils and colorful art, Rainbow Fish is ready to SAIL into apparel, bedding, games, toys, plush and SCALE your revenue! 

Visit North South Books to see more about The Rainbow Fish as well as their other best selling children's books.  www.northsouth.com


USA Curling

It's the faster growing sport on college campuses and clubs are opening up all of the country.  In 2008 and again in 2014, the world was fascinating with our Olympics teams and watched curling coverage at a record breaking pace.  From teddy bears to stadium blankets,  USA Curling DARES you to make show your spirit and SWEEP the competition with this unique opportunity. 

Support the team as they prepare for the US Nationals and 2018 Winter Olymbics at www.usacurl.org/usacurl




Tegrin Shampoo

Tegrin is back and ready to scratch the itch of companies who want to extend their product lines with this national favorite.  This popular brand, known for both its dandruff fighting power and its long string of celebrity athlete endorsements,  has taken a rest from store shelves but not from the hearts and minds of dandruff sufferers everywhere.  New Tegrin and Tegrin Plus has a new look, all ready for today's consumer.  If you are looking for a known and trusted brand for your health and beauty aids, give RJM a call.  Who knows?  Something might just BUBBLE up! 

To see more about Tegrin's return (and enjoy the old advertisements featuring Pete Rose, Jim Palmer and Lyle Alzado) go to .



Short and Sassy

Short & Sassy was a popular line of hair care products launched in the 1970’s by Clairol with an iconic spokesperson in Olympic Figure Skating Champion Dorothy Hamill.  Dorothy Hamill’s “wedge” haircut, her petite figure and sunny attitude all added up to a Short & Sassy attitude that translated perfectly into hair care products.  The first product developed was conditioner followed by shampoo for normal, oily, and dry hair. 

Short hair is currently riding a wave of resurgence and in addition to relaunching the core products, opportunity exists to expand into additional skus such as hair gel, body wash, lotion, and decorative short hair accessories like headbands, wedding hats, and more.   




Up to 40% of adults have trouble swallowing pills.  Way back in the 1920's, Aspergum designed a new way to deliver the pain relief of aspirin for sore throat, fever and inflamation pain.  Aspergum soon became a favorite of many AND a household name.  

Sorely missed by many, Aspergum is rested and ready for a triumphant return.